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Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

HIZAKI -Lead Guitar

Stage name: HIZAKI 緋咲
Birthdate: February 17th 1979
Birthplace: Kyoto
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Bloodtype: AB
Eyesight: less than 0.1
Shoe size: 25.5 cm
Clothing size: M
Source of inspiration: beautiful landscapes
Hobbies: jogging
Likes: beautiful things
Hates: feeling bad or ugly
Pets: a cat (picture)

Bands: Dream Theater, Angra, Arch Enemy, X-JAPAN, Statovarius, Sarah Brightman, Hamasaki Ayumi...
Cigarettes: LUCIA (although he recently quit smoking)
Brands: Tiffany, Louis Vuitton
Idol: Fukada Kyouko
Drinks: black tea, beer, red wine

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HIZAKI started his music career in the late 90's playing for some local bands in his hometown, Kyoto. The only known one at the moment is GARNET GRAVE, whose activities probably took place between 1997 and 1998.

In April 1999 HIZAKI formed Crack brain and some months later he got a contract with the Kyoto-based indies label CROW MUSIC. The band soon moved to Tokyo and eventually disbanded in September 2002.

In early 2003 HIZAKI formed Schwardix Marvally with ex-Crack brain Airi and ex-Madeth gray'll Hisui. In these years HIZAKI started playing neoclassical power metal and developed what would become his trademark sound. However, Schwardix Marvally disbanded in April 2004 due to Airi's decision to retire from the music scene.

HIZAKI took a break from the stage too, but kept being busy in studio recording and releasing music as a solo artist. His first two mini-albums were produced with the collaboration of several friends from the music scene. One of them, MASAKI, invited him to join SULFURIC ACID in early 2005. Guitarist TOMOZO had been the band leader since the debut in 1999, but HIZAKI promptly became a key member, composing most of the songs and heavily influencing the music style of the band.

In 2006 HIZAKI worked on a new solo project called HIZAKI grace project, this time with the help of HIKARU from IZABEL VAROSA on vocals and Yuu (later known as Jasmine You) on bass.This band would become HIZAKI's main project after SULFURIC ACID announced their decision to disband in October 2006.

The project lineup settled in November with TERU on guitar, Mikage (ex-BABYLON) on drums, Yuu on bass and Juka on vocals. The debut album was produced by ex-LAREINE KAMIJO and released under TOMOZO's label Sequence Records.

In the meantime HIZAKI collaborated few times with KAMIJO: he played as a support member at his solo concerts in December and also at LAREINE's last live on Halloween 2006.

In early 2007, HIZAKI took part to Node of Scherzo, a sort of session band which included both music performances and acting. This project saw the involvement of Kaya, Juka and KAMIJO as main characters.

At the debut gig of Node of Scherzo, held on May 14th, HIZAKI and KAMIJO announced they would play together in a new project. The band name revealed on March 30th was Versailles.

Beside working on Versailles, HIZAKI has been active as a solo artist with HIZAKI grace project and as the producer and composer of Juka's solo project. However, in late 2007 he decided to temporarily stop all his side projects in order to focus on Versailles activities.


Stage name: YUKI
Nicknames: YUKI-ani YUKI兄, Yukio ゆきお
Birthday: February 18th
Birthplace: Sadogashima
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Bloodtype: A
Eyesight: 1.2
Shoe size: 26.5 cm
Clothing size: S
Hobbies: drinking, meeting friends, driving
Favourite drinks: whiskey, sake
Favourite band: Dream Theater
Favourite mangas: EDEN, Claymore, DEATH NOTE

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YUKI became a member of Versailles after being recommended by the Rokumeikan (a small but popular livehouse in the indies scene that also hosted Versailles debut event).
He used to drive the band tour bus during Versailles indies days and he describes himself as a heavy drinker and a Dream Theater harcore fan.
His first experience in the visual kei scene was with death+qpid, an indies band later known as Sugar Trip.

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