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Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

I'll try to translate it asap (though you can probably plop most of it in a translator OK XD), but there's some pics of the two on the article as well~

A quick summary: They chit-chat about guitars and bands, Teru gives him a present of Versailles CDs/DVDs as well as his own designed shirt and their original wine glass (to which Impellitteri says it's like Christmas)! [ETA: Apparently he also gifted him a Sobbat DriveBreaker which he customised for Chris and made/added an 'AC Booster' for him, too. Teru really spoiled him!] Teru says he's currently using an ESP Raindeer(he sure seems to change a lot?) and brought it along for the interview so of course Chris has to look at it and they chat about it for a little bit.

And that's pretty much it for summary I think? A lot of it is just simple chit-chat.

If there's any glaring errors let me know.
Haven't done the opening paragraph yet. I'll do it as soon as I can ^^


Teru: Nice to meet you! I'm Versailles' Teru. It's an honor to be able to meet with you tonight. I'm reeeally excited! From the time I was a little boy, when I heard Chris' guitar, I was taken by shock, and up until now I was able to continue playing guitar. That I am able to be here today is all thanks to your guitar playing!

Chris: I thank you very much for (saying) that!

Teru: I.... I... I LOVE YOU! (laugh)

Chris: Hahaha..... (laugh)

Teru: This is a present. It's my band's cd and dvd...

Chris: COOL!

Teru: This is me.

Chris: This artwork is really good~ I like it. I think it's pretty cool. At your lives, do you use things like pyrotechnics?

Teru: Yes. We use it.

Chris: My friend's band KISS... By the way, do you know of KISS?

Teru: Of course.

Chris: KISS also often uses pyro, and Motley Crüe often used it on a tour called "Crüe Fest". It's cool.

(Again from Teru, he continues to strike with presents of his self-designed T-shirt and the band's original wine glass...)

Chris: Wao! It's just like Christmas has suddenly come! Oh my! I can't thank you enough for these!

Teru: I have one more. It's an effector pedal by a brand called Sobbat, a distortion-styled pedal called "DriveBreaker". (※1) You can use it for distortion or as a booster. I customised the contents' circuit for you. I also made an AC booster for you as well!

Chris: Eh~! Really! I'll use it at once! Thank you, thank you!

Teru: I'm glad you're pleased. Tonight's live was really astounding.

Chris: Thank you (tn: written as SANKYUU xD). We all had a lot of fun too! Everyone was really passionate.

Romihi: On stage, you switched to using a white guitar. That was....?

Chris: That was a model called the Dean "New split tail". I'm currently working on a Chris Impellitteri model. Teru, what kind of guitar do you use?

Teru: The guitar I'm using is a guitar called the ESP RAINDEER (※2). (He shows the guitar he brought to Chris...)

Chris: Wao COOL! It has a nice shape. Are these Duncan 59s? (※3)

Teru: They're Duncan Customs.

Chris: Very nice!

Teru: During the encore, why did you play Ozzy Ozbourne's "Crazy Train"?

Chris: Hahaha... Well, we needed one more song, so I wondered about what would be good that we could do. It plays often on the radio, and it's a song that everyone knows, so that's how I decided to do that song. Even though it was not done properly during rehearsal, I was able to perform it without difficulty. When it was done in Osaka, it was popular so I'm glad. Of course, Ozzy is a friend. (tn: I took quite a bit of liberty with the translation here, so it's not literal, but I'm pretty sure it still retains the same meaning ^^)

Romihi: Your (Chris') fingers moved fluidly over the guitar neck, as if you were playing a piano or keyboard.

Chris: Really~ Thank you! It certainly resembles playing a piano.

Romihi: If one is thinking of becoming a guitarist like you or Teru in the future, can you offer some kind of advice?

Chris: Yes, practice! Generally speaking, it's practice. 10 hours a day. If you do that, sometime, shouldn't you start becoming better? (tn: Was a bit confused on this sentence, but the meaning's there, I think?) Everyday, no matter what, you need to practice.

Romihi: Thank you. As for IMPELLITTERI, what plans do you have after this?

Chris: After we return to L.A one time, we're going to head to Europe, and then yet again, we will be heading back to L.A, but after that we'd like to return to Japan another time.

Romihi: How about Teru?

Chris: Teru, have you ever been to America or Europe?

Teru: Last year, we played lives in America.

Chris: Did you enjoy it?

Teru: Yes! Very much!

Chris: How about.. next time you come to America, if you're coming to L.A give me a call whenever!

Teru: Eh?! Really?! I'm happy.

Chris: When you come to visit the Chris Impellitteri in Beverly Hills, it should be really simple to find my house (laugh).

Teru: Understood! I'll definitely seek you out. Thank you so very much for today. Please come back to Japan soon.

Chris: I really hope that I am able to return soon! Thank you alot! I wish you the best of luck in japan! Someday, let's do (a live) together, eh!

(Later, we recieved a few clarifications from Teru)
※1 : This effector was recieved as collaboration with a musical equipment store called "Kinkou gakki" in Kyoto. (tn: Not 100% on this one x_X Sorry!)
※2: Since production has ceased, this is a bit of a rare model.
※3: Duncan is a pickup brand called "Seymour Duncan".


This interview took place after the end of the July 23rd IMPELLITTERI live at Shibuya O-EAST. At this time, the band which Teru belongs to has paused activities. Until the expected day of their resuming activity, we as well as all the fans are waiting.
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